Maciak Chiropractic Center

Wojciech Konior N.D. – Natural Medicine Center & Spa

In last 25 years dr Konior has continued to build his reputation as a practitioner who is passionate about helping others and providing care and support for those that seek his help…. read more

Hidden Therapies

Visanto supplements…. read more

Vein & Skin Studio

At Vein and Skin Studio we offer a wide range of treatments starting with varicose veins and spider veins laser removal, through the surgical excisions of unwanted skin lesions, to non surgical cosmetic procedures…. read more

Optimal Living Center LLC

Young Living Essential Oils

Do you think about changing your lifestyle for a healthier family, without chemicals and toxins? Young Living offers natural products …. read more


Pure like spring water. Having your own Eco system at home. Clean water technology. It does take filters to clean out impurities, we have 14 filters. Life Promoting. The hydrogen, minerals alkaline, and micro clustered water provide many health benefits.Safe to Consume. Safe for children, families, pregnant ladies. Professionally installed.

Dr Nona

New generation of Dead Sea products.

Alex Sweet Art

Specially cookies for all ocassions. Producer of „healthy snacks” – browny zucchiny, millet coconuts and gluten free cupcakes.

Imperial Time

A company dealing in the production of unique amber jewelry. Amber have healing properties which makes it more attractive.

Renata Bolmanski RN

Facial neuro-reflexology, facial reflex therapy.


MONAT is a company offering products based on extracts from plants, preventing hair aging and rebuilding hair structure.


This device can help with a variety of issues most notably energy, sleep, pain, mood, athletic performance and mental more

Dandalion Kitchen

Dandelion Kitchen offers unique carefully blended spices from different corners of the world. Mostly organic ingredients, uses no preservatives. Beautiful packaging using reusable glass jars made in USA.


Forever8life is a company dealing in the distribution of unique products. Among them are Laminine – stem cells, Vasayo – Microlife Nutritionals – liposomal vitamins, Melaleuca – non toxic products and shower filters.


Essential oils.
Take control of your health naturally!

Amish Honey

We are beekeepers out of Woodhull, NY (upstate NY).
We have 24 Amish beekeepers working with us.
We have over 2600 hives in different areas of NY.
We pack honey (raw, unpasteurized).

Regina’s Soap & More

Checking Blocked Chakras

Monika Gwara

Homemade cranberry jam.

Holistic Spa Intuitive Counseling LLC

Agnes offers: AURA PICTURES & ANGELIC AURA SPRAYS Heal, Rejuvenate, Manifest…. read more 

Elemental Hair Analysis + water and air filters



BeneFacial is a skin care and massage therapy Spa with reflexology and Waxing Services… read more….

Kazimierz Wadolowski – Iridology

….

Barbara Wadolowski – Colon Hydrotherapy


AromaTouch Technique

Consultation during Festival

Liquid Biocell

Dr. Grazyna Pajunen was born in Warsaw, Poland…. read more

Awakening NY Healing Center

Our mission is to bring health and well-being to you as a radiant manifestation of balance in body, mind and spirit. Our therapies provide nourishment for you as a whole…. read more….


Gosia Bednarz – owner of B.You Essentials skin care cosmetics line.

Alicja Krajewska – Spiritual Healer, Spiritual Advisor.

From the age of 14, I have dreams that give me different information, not only about me personally, my friends and relatives, but also information about what is happening on Earth and what will happen. All information checked. …. read more….

InvexIonics Corporation

Invex Ionics is a manufacturer, marketer, and distributor of Health & Beauty Products. Our business partner, Invex Remedies, which is based in Poland…. read more….



Leeches, the oldest natural medicine known to man. Leeches detoxify body, rejuvenate all organs, restructure circulatory and lymphatic systems. Leeches will help in almost all diseases. Hundred percent natural, honest, not corrupted, proved its self over thousands of years.


Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) is the therapeutic application of extremely cold dry air, usually between -184F to -260F (−120°C and −160°C)…. read more

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