Alicja Krajewska en

I am an intuitive person, I have the ability to clairvoyance and of healing. These are innate abilities.
From the age of 14, I have dreams that give me different information, not only about me personally, my friends and relatives, but also information about what is happening on Earth and what will happen. All information checked. Some take place the next day. Very important messages are received much earlier and they take place in few weeks. There are such messages that I do not understand, they are followed by different dreams, in a different scenery.

I have trusted these messages because they are information based on good intentions, love. I will describe a few important messages that are very important for everyone.

1) In August 24, 2015, a huge wave of energy and a great help for people on earth

2) another dream very important to us Poles. June 25, 2017 -Poles unite, be together. Help each other and unite August. There will be a Slavic King from Poland

3) This dream happened around 2010 – there is danger from heaven From that time on, I started to observe the sky

4) President’s election in the USA a few days before the election, Donald Trump came to me, I knew he would be president.

Always I share information with family and friends.

I also decided to use my gift of healing to help people.
They work at the level of the chakras – points of the spiritual energy of the body.
Chakras are energy guides. Different parts of our body need a different Energy to fully function. Every illness is based on a lack of energy.

I have very strong energy and I can pass it on to other people to compensate for their energy, or rather lack of energy – lack of force to live. I work on the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual levels. It must be balanced at all levels. Then the person is able to function
well, and is fully healthy. I feel lack of energy in a body. I’ve worked with a group of healers in the Edgar Cayce organization in Manhattan, including Anthony Baraschi, an experienced healer. Anthony Baraschi studied with Jan from God in Brazil. I have completed many courses, including, I learned from Michael D’Alton: School of Bio-Energy Healing in Canada in Toronto. I also studied at one of the best clairvoyants – a medium in NY in Manhattan, Alex Murray. My intention is to help people return to find the inner balance to regain the strength of the spirit so that they can enjoy life.

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